Hildebrand Descendant Seeks Blackville Schoolhouse Photos

John Hildebrand is looking for photos of an early Blackville schoolhouse that his great, great uncle Otto taught in. He explains below: I am inquiring concerning an early Blackville schoolhouse.  My great, great uncle, Otto Hildebrand, taught in Blackville from 1884 until 1891.  In fact, his wife, Amelia, who was also a teacher, taught with…

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Vickers Descendant Seeks Family History

Bruce Vickers, a descendant of the Vickers family of Blackville, is seeking information about his ancestors. He explains below. I am trying to trace the facts and story of ANNA MARGARET PORTER, born 04 08 1894, daugther of Jack Porter and Joan Brophey from Blackville, NB. She had a son with Mr. Albert Mann (from…

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Memories of Mama: A Tribute to My Grandmother

“Where should we start?” she asks while rocking in her rocking chair, sipping her tea, with both her dogs curled around her feet. “At the beginning, I suppose”, I reply. And so it begins. It was the spring of 1922; May 27th to be exact. At a little house near “The Forks”, where the Cains…

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McCormack Descendant Seeks Family History

Fenton McCormack, a descendant of the McCormick family of Blackville, is looking for information about his ancestors.  He explains below: “My father, Fenton D. McCormick (spelled at the time) was born in 1912 to Fenton S. and Mary McCormick (nee McLaughlin) in Blackville. He had a sister by the name of Elizabeth that disappeared in…

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The Memories Endure

Pat Fournier 2014 -sixty-seven years old

The story began sixty-four years ago with three-year-old Pat Fournier sharing his earliest memories of the quaint little village he called home. For the past thirty seven weeks, we followed Pat’s story as he progressed from a five-year-old boy wearing a cartoon mask from the back of a corn flakes box, to an eighteen-year-old graduate…

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Graduating Class of 1965


It’s June 30, 1965 and it’s Pat Fournier’s last day of school. With prom and graduation over, eighteen-year-old Pat is left to reflect on his past and contemplate his future in “Graduating Class of 1965”, the thirty-sixth installment of his memoir, “Memories of a Boy Growing Up in Blackville”. GRADUATING CLASS OF 1965 Written by…

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What’s My Size?!

A package of three Sheiks condoms

While preparing for his upcoming senior prom, eighteen-year-old Pat Fournier has an uncomfortable run-in with the town pharmacist, Cecil Dunne, in this story set in June of 1965. “What’s My Size?!” is the thirty-fifth installment of Pat’s memoir, “Memories of a Boy Growing Up in Blackville”. The following story may contain mature subject matter. Reader…

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Another Boy in a Casket

On a late November night in 1964, the Fournier family is awakened with news of a tragic accident: their cousin Pat McLaughlin had been killed in a fatal car crash less than a mile from home. Another Boy in a Casket is the thirty-fourth installment of Pat Fournier’s memoir, “Memories of a Boy Growing Up…

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The Pasties

It’s the summer of 1964 and the circus has come to town. Seventeen year old Pat Fournier joins his older brother Johnny for a night he won’t soon forget in The Pasties, the thirty-third installment of his memoir, Memories of a Boy Growing Up in Blackville. The following story contains mature subject matter. Reader discretion…

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Car Thief

A 1950’s Vauxhall, very similar to the one Dad owned

It’s the Spring of 1964 and seventeen-year-old Pat Fournier is anxious to get his driver’s license. In the thirty-second installment of his memoir, Memories of a Boy Growing Up in Blackville, Pat ‘borrows’ the family car with unexpected consequences. CAR THIEF Written by Pat Fournier May, 1964 – seventeen years old The second-hand blue Vauxhall…

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President Assassinated

On a late autumn day in 1963, the world stood still after learning that the president of the United States had been shot and killed in Dallas, Texas. In the thirty-first installment of his memoir, Memories of a Boy Growing Up in Blackville, sixteen year old Pat Fournier recalls the day John F. Kennedy was…

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The French Lesson

My French teacher, Miss Avila Colford

Sixteen-year-old Pat Fournier is growing up. In the thirtieth installment of his memoir, Memories of a Boy Growing Up in Blackville, Pat recalls an uncomfortable situation that occurs in Avila Colford’s grade ten French Class. The following story contains subject matter and language that some readers may find offensive. Reader discretion is advised. THE FRENCH…

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