War Veterans

Residents of Blackville and its surrounding communities have a very proud and rich history of rising to the call of service to their country.

During times of war, hundreds of men and women from our community entered the ranks of our Armed Forces to defend our great country. Their actions would secure our freedom and, in turn, set the course of history.  They responded in very large numbers, leaving the comforts of home and family to serve in foreign lands facing untold dangers. Many were either killed in action or shed their blood in order to ensure our freedom.

Browse our archives as we pay tribute to our local heroes.

Remembering our Veterans e-Book – Read online or download a 445 page e-publication featuring the brave local men and women who fought for our country in World War I, World War II and the Korean War.

Honour Roll – A listing of the brave men and women who were killed in battle or passed away since demobilization

My Time in the Royal Canadian Air Force – Ella Curtis reflects on her time serving our country during World War II and her return to Blackville.

The End of the War in 1945 – Joyce Fortune shares her memories of enlisting in the Canadian Women’s Army Corps and the end of the war in 1945.

Served as a Cook at PPCLI Barracks During the Korean War – Aubrey Buggie recalls his time as a cook at the PPCLI Barracks in Calgary, Alberta during the Korean War.

Serving with the 3rd Anti-Aircraft Regiment in Eyethorn, England on D-Day – Weaver Hennessy recalls his time serving in Eyethorn, England on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

Wounded and in hospital on V.E. Day – Reginald Price shares the story of his time spent serving our country and the explosion that changed his life in April 1945.

Memories of War: Benjamin & Helen Campbell – Helen Jardine shares memories of her father’s sacrifices during World War II and how it affected the Campbell family in this first installment of the Memories of War video series.

Memories of War: George Routledge – Canadian Peacekeeper George Routledge recalls memories of his time serving in Cyprus in this second installment of the Memories of War video series.

Memories of War: Byron and Ella Curtis – In this final installment of the Memories of War series, Patricia Curtis shares memories of her parents Byron and Ella Curtis’ time spent in the armed forces during World War II.

Jake Stewart Remembers Local Heroes

Pastor Albertine LeBlanc performs Another Soldier Down