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Everybody has a story… and every story deserves to be told.  Let us help you preserve your memories and record your history.  Send us your photos, stories, newspaper clippings, or any other documents that have significance to you or the village of Blackville and we’ll share them here.

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Her Name Was Roseen – Pauline Underhill (née Coughlan) grew up in Gray Rapids, one of a dozen children. She attended the old Mountain School for six years in the late 1950’s. “Her Name Was Roseen” was written about her special childhood friend, Roseen Underhill. Read it here.

Memories of Mama – Les McLaughlin pays tribute to his Grandmother Noreen Keenan in Memories of Mama. Read it here.

Memories of a Boy Growing Up in Blackville – Former Blackville resident Pat Fournier shares memories of his childhood in a series of short stories. Read them here.

Burned Out – In 1957, nine year old Pat Fournier witnessed his family home burn down. In this short story by the former Blackville resident, Pat shares his memories of that morning and how the family of seven overcame a tragic loss to have one of their best Christmases ever.

Blackville Childhood Memories – Pat Fournier recalls his childhood of growing up in Blackville in a poem dedicated to his sister.

First Mayor of Blackville – Percy Conners shares a story of his father, Harold (Hallie) Conners – Blackville’s first mayor!

Arthur Dunphy Biography – Colton Connors and Cleve Morehouse share Arthur Dunphy’s life experiences in the air force during WWII.

Aleatha Gallan Clarke Biography – Dexter Clarke and Brandon Coughlan share the life story of Aleatha Gallan Clarke.

Ethel Hazel Tucker Autobiography – Whitney Tucker interviews her grandmother Ethel and creates a personal narrative of her life history.

Mary Esther’s Diary – Cassandra Waugh puts herself into her grandmother Mary Esther (Vickers) Moody’s shoes, and imagines what it would be like to live a day in her life in the year of 1964

Memories of St. Patrick’s Day – Cecilia Brophy recalls performing in St. Patrick’s Day concerts in Blackville, Newcastle and Doaktown as a child

Memories of Blackville – Aldean MacVicar shares her memories of Blackville through poetry.

In May 2012, sixteen students in Allan Carter’s Writing 110 class at Blackville School took part in a local history project in collaboration with Memories of Blackville. Click here to view those projects.