The Memories Endure

Pat Fournier 2014 -sixty-seven years old

The story began sixty-four years ago with three-year-old Pat Fournier sharing his earliest memories of the quaint little village he called home. For the past thirty seven weeks, we followed Pat’s story as he progressed from a five-year-old boy wearing a cartoon mask from the back of a corn flakes box, to an eighteen-year-old graduate…

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Graduating Class of 1965


It’s June 30, 1965 and it’s Pat Fournier’s last day of school. With prom and graduation over, eighteen-year-old Pat is left to reflect on his past and contemplate his future in “Graduating Class of 1965”, the thirty-sixth installment of his memoir, “Memories of a Boy Growing Up in Blackville”. GRADUATING CLASS OF 1965 Written by…

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Another Boy in a Casket

On a late November night in 1964, the Fournier family is awakened with news of a tragic accident: their cousin Pat McLaughlin had been killed in a fatal car crash less than a mile from home. Another Boy in a Casket is the thirty-fourth installment of Pat Fournier’s memoir, “Memories of a Boy Growing Up…

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The Pasties

It’s the summer of 1964 and the circus has come to town. Seventeen year old Pat Fournier joins his older brother Johnny for a night he won’t soon forget in The Pasties, the thirty-third installment of his memoir, Memories of a Boy Growing Up in Blackville. The following story contains mature subject matter. Reader discretion…

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Car Thief

A 1950’s Vauxhall, very similar to the one Dad owned

It’s the Spring of 1964 and seventeen-year-old Pat Fournier is anxious to get his driver’s license. In the thirty-second installment of his memoir, Memories of a Boy Growing Up in Blackville, Pat ‘borrows’ the family car with unexpected consequences. CAR THIEF Written by Pat Fournier May, 1964 – seventeen years old The second-hand blue Vauxhall…

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Grandpa and the Buttons

Dad, Granny, Grampa, Mom, Aunt Greta, me, and Aunt Patricia. The two little girls in front are my little sister Leslie, and Aunt Greta’s daughter, Colleen. Note the chamber pot that Dad’s holding in his hands. He went and got the pot to pose with before the picture was taken. And Granny laughed and laughed!

It’s the summer of 1963 and Pat Fournier’s Sturgeon grandparents are down from Dalhousie for a visit. In the next installment of his memoir, the sixteen year old boy recalls his Dad’s retelling of a story about Barry MacKenzie to his visiting family in “Grandpa and the Buttons”. GRANDPA AND THE BUTTONS Written by Pat…

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Hitchhiking Home

A man hitchhiking on a dark snowy night

It’s the winter of 1963 and Pat’s father Sylvernus is working at the mill in Newcastle. In the twenty-seventh installment of his memoir, the fifteen-year-old boy recalls a cold January morning when his dad has just hitchhiked a ride home from work. HITCHHIKING HOME Written by Pat Fournier January 1963 – fifteen years old It…

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Ninety-Nine Bottles

Patty ‘the acrobat’ on the back yard swing

It’s the summer of 1962 and fifteen year old Pat takes a nostalgic trip down memory lane in Ninety-Nine Bottles, the twenty-sixth installment of his memoir Memories of a Boy Growing Up in Blackville. NINETY-NINE BOTTLES Written by Pat Fournier August 1962 – fifteen years old The swing tree was the focal point in our…

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The Slingshot

In this twenty-fifth installment of his memoir, Memories of a Boy Growing Up in Blackville, fifteen year old Pat Fournier learns a lesson in empathy after making a slingshot with his friend Gary Gillespie. THE SLINGSHOT Written by Pat Fournier July 1962 – fifteen years old My friend Gary Gillespie sniffled and rubbed the back…

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The Paper Route

A canvas newspaper carrier bag, similar to the one I used to deliver the Telegraph Journal

When the regular paper boy Terrence Walls leaves Blackville for college, fifteen year old Pat takes over his paper route in the next installment of his memoir, Memories of a Boy Growing Up in Blackville. THE PAPER ROUTE Written by Pat Fournier Early April 1962 – fifteen years old Terrence Walls had a paper route,…

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Ice Time

On a chilly winter evening in 1962, fourteen year old Pat Fournier walks the two mile trek to Morgan’s Rink for a night of skating that doesn’t quite go as planned. Ice Time is the twenty-third installment of his memoir, Memories of a Boy Growing Up in Blackville. ICE TIME Written by Pat Fournier February…

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