Umoe Solar isn’t planning on operating the Blackville mill

Although some people have heard rumours, Umoe Solar isn’t planning on opening the former UPM mill in Blackville.

Right now, Umoe Solar does not believe it is viable for them to re-open the mill, but they haven’t made any other plans for it yet.

“I don’t think there’s any chance we can re-open that one, but it’s not taken any decision what we want to do with it.” Umoe spokesman Ernst Andersen

The Blackville mill was included in the sale when Umoe Solar purchased UPM’s assets. The Blackville mill hasn’t operated since 2007.

Umoe continues to operate a sawmill they purchased from UPM in Bathurst.

Blackville mayor Glen Hollowood said he hadn’t heard any talk of the mill re-opening, although he had noticed the company was installing cameras to replace security staff at the site.

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