Student builds Santa’s sleigh in Blackville

If Santa ever needs a back up sleigh, he will not have to look any further than Blackville School! As the holidays grow nearer, Grade 12 student TJ Vickers built Santa’s sleigh for the Blackville Fire Department. Vickers’ sleigh is just one of many construction projects occurring in high school courses and co-ops at Blackville School.

Just like the sleigh, all current projects being worked on are for the community or for specific community members. Grade 12 student Tyler Coughlan, is currently modifying a canoe trailer for his father along with Dillan Hogan, who is tuning up his father’s utility trailer.

Other ongoing projects include Grade 12 student Scott Underhill who is currently repairing the housing for snowblowers and Matthew Arbeau who is building a utility trailer for the local community.

Whether it be building Santa’s sleigh for the local parade or fixing utility trailers, the students of Blackville’s Framing and Sheathing and Metals and Fabrication courses are ready to take on the task.

Laura Richard and Jessica McIntyre are students in the Journalism 120 class at Blackville School. They will be sharing news from their school in articles and photos throughout the school year.

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