Muck defeats Underhill in Blackville by-election

Residents in the village of Blackville have voted for a new councillor.

Hal Muck defeated adversary Garth Underhill in the Blackville by-election on Monday evening to claim the title of village councillor.

The former Blackville School principal had a total of 253 votes to Underhill’s 187 votes for the win, in what turned out to be a small voter turnout.

According to Elections New Brunswick, the total voter turnout was listed at 57.72 per cent.

The former holder of the seat, Jake Stewart, was elected as MLA for Southwest Miramichi during the recent provincial election in September.

“It’s a little humbling when the people of the community see you fit to represent them,” Muck said in an interview Wednesday.

Muck said it was an interesting experience.

“I suppose it will get even more exciting as time goes by, too,” he said.

He added, “You learn the ropes of municipal government, the mayor and so on.”

Muck hopes to bring more awareness to the people in the community about what’s going on and feels “the people of Blackville have been left in the dark for too long.”

“We don’t really know here in the village, what’s happening and we have to get better at getting the message out to the citizens on what mayor and council are attempting and striving to do,” Muck explained.

“I think it’s key that you’re able to hear the citizens on what their thoughts are on your upcoming plans.”

Muck has also been in talks with the teachers at the school, largely with the journalism class.

“That could be part of their assignment that they could cover the council meetings and bring those minutes back and do a write up for the teacher and even to the [Miramichi] Leader, for instance,” he said.

According to Elections New Brunswick, the Blackville by-election was one of six by-elections held in the province on Monday.

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