Fish Hook in Blackville is Canada’s Largest

Did you know that Blackville is home to Canada’s largest fish hook? The Veteran’s Fly, located at the corner of Main Street and South Bartholomew Road, was conceptualized by local business owner Hugh Hallihan in 2005, the Year of the Veteran.

The fish hook, designed by Jenna Tucker, a former student at Blackville School, was constructed by Mr. Hallihan and painted by area resident Paul Stephens.

Each colour, chosen by Jenna, has a symbolic meaning to veterans: purple represents sorrow for the fallen soldiers; red and white for the Canadian flag; green for a soldiers uniform; gold for the medals awarded to a soldier; red for the petals of a poppy and black for the centre of a poppy.

The Veteran’s Fly is a popular roadside attraction and charms curious tourists and locals alike throughout the year.

Memories of Blackville now offers oversized post cards of the fish hook for sale at Curtis Miramichi River Outfitters, 163 Main Street in Blackville, and online.  Click here to purchase yours today.

Veteran's Fly Postcard - Blackville, NB Canada

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