St. Raphael’s Honour Catherine Frenette at Retirement Celebration


Saint Raphael’s Roman Catholic Church in Blackville bid farewell to Catherine Frenette at a retirement celebration today, Sunday, June 28 after morning Mass.  Miss Frenette has been the parish organist and choir director for both the youth and adult choirs for the past 25 years.

Parishioners filled the Father AA McKinnon Memorial Hall to give thanks and appreciation to Catherine for her years of service. The Catholic Women’s League, St. Raphael’s choir and Parish Council presented Catherine with gifts, and many members of the congregation offered cards and words of gratitude. Catherine received a standing ovation after her final performance at Mass.

Catherine will continue to teach music at Blackville School in the fall.

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  1. Colin Curtis on June 28, 2015 at 12:05 pm

    Hey folks…

    Colin Curtis here, in Japan. Yeah…still here…

    To Cathy Frenette…and to those who will always remember their times with her, as choir director:

    I was there at the beginning. In fact, I helped Cathy’s father move her stuff into the apartment in Mom & Dad’s house. Wow…Can’t believe how long ago THAT was! Seems like yesterday. And, now…as I play my guitar for my four year old son, I STILL think back to my first guitar lessons in THAT apartment, with Trent Jardine and I (not knowing diddly-squat about anything, let alone music), strumming away on guitars that wouldn’t stay in tune for more than five minutes…let alone an entire mass! Yet, somehow…perhaps magically…YOU kept it all together.

    I will never forget the times you stormed into our house, from the apartment, to correct Barb’s piano playing…makes me laugh to this day! But, seriously…what abuse your ears MUST have taken, in that apartment — hearing me, Barb, Matthew, Armand, Clora…or god forbid…Rod or Wynn…singing in the shower, on any given day! For someone of your caliber, it must have been sheer terror. I hope there are no emotional scars remaining. I will always remember YOU raising an eyebrow (everyone whose been in your choir knows what I mean) when “I” would attempt some of your fancy finger picking on guitar…failing of course, but anyway…Ahhh, the memories!

    Well, there have been many choir members since…many characters, many moments, many dramas…no doubt…but I was there at the beginning, and at THAT point, nobody…but ME…knew what was coming with the addition of Catherine Frenette into the community. And, all I can say…in hindsight…is: weren’t we ALL extremely lucky!!!

    Thank you Cathy!!!


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