Blackville School Students Recall The Past

Students in Allan Carter’s Writing 110 class at Blackville School recently took part in a local history project in collaboration with Memories of Blackville.

Sixteen students were involved in the “Recalling the Past” assignment. Students were given the option to write a biography about an elderly member of their family or someone in the community; write a journal entry as themselves, or make up a fictional character, but based in the past using actual facts about Blackville; or conduct a video interview of a family member or someone in the community. The students have completed their assignments and are posted below.

Recalling The Past – A Blackville School/Memories of Blackville History Project

Recalling the Past with Jennie and Reg Underhill – Jansen Sturgeon interviews his grandparents Jennie and Reg about their lives growing up in Gray Rapids. Click here to watch video.

Jessica’s Diary – The year is 1888 and Jessica Munn, who has been ill for some time, ventures into Blackville for a visit with the the local physician, Dr. Keiller. Click here to read.

Mary Esther’s Diary – Cassandra Waugh puts herself into her grandmother Mary Esther’s shoes, and imagines what it would be like to live a day in her life in the year of 1964. Click here to read.

A Day in the Life – Austin Pleadwell tells his story of a typical day in February in 1922 beginning with his walk to school. Click here to read.

Lillian Brennan Interview – Kiersten Brennan interviews her grandmother Lillian, who shares her experiences of growing up and living in Blackville. Click here to read.

Ethel Tucker Autobiography – Whitney Tucker interviews her grandmother Ethel and creates a personal narrative of her life history. Click here to read.

Aleatha Gallan Clarke Biography – Dexter Clarke and Brandon Coughlan share the life story of Aleatha Gallan Clarke. Click here to read.

Edward Curtis Interview – Candace Purcell interviews her uncle Eddie to find out how things changed since he was a kid. Click here to read.

Kathleen’s Diary – Josie Furlong tells the story of a young girl growing up in Blackville who shares her thoughts in a journal entry. Click here to read.

Recalling the Past with Rossella Sturgeon – Brooklynn Mercer and Megan Storey interview Rossella Sturgeon about her school life in Renous and Blackville, and what her childhood was like. Click here to watch video.

Norma Mountain Interview – Keisha Mountain interviews her grandmother Norma, who shares stories of her childhood. Click here to read.

Arthur Dunphy Biography – Colton Connors and Cleve Morehouse share Arthur Dunphy’s life experiences in the air force during WWII. Click here to read.

Special thanks to teacher Allan Carter for organizing this special project and to the students in the Writing 110 class.


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