Blackville figure skater honoured

Blackville residents gathered to honour one of their own on Saturday, July 26. At a ceremony in Blackville Municipal Park, local figure skater Bonard Muck had his name added to the community’s Rock of Fame, in recognition of his numerous achievements as a skater. He also received a plaque from the Municipality of Blackville, a certificate on behalf of the Government of Canada and a New Brunswick Merit Award.

Village councilor Jake Stewart, Muck’s cousin, planned the event and acted as master of ceremonies.

“Bonard is the most gifted athlete we have,” said Stewart. “Bonard is known for his figure skating but he also can dance, perform tail flips, act, perform gymnastics, and do anything he set his mind to.”

Muck is the son of Hal and Debbie Muck. He began skating when he was seven years old, as a member of the Renous skating club.

Kim Walsh was his first coach. She said her reaction to his success was, “‘Wow!’ We’re so proud of him and his accomplishments,” she added.

Muck, who has performed all over the world, said he has enjoyed his experiences, but he’s always glad to be back in his home town. “It’s been rewarding. I’ve seen 37 countries, 38 in counting and just love coming home,” he said. “I’m excited to be here visiting family and friends. I live out of a suitcase nine to 12 months a year and look forward to coming home and doing all the things I love to do.”

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