My Memories: Aldean MacVicar

Aldean MacVicar

Memories of Blackville

Written by Aldean MacVicar

As I journey back when i was just a girl
My mind travels many places, and sometimes in a whirl.

As I pause to reflect what growing up was like
In this special little village, let’s take a backward hike.

Life is a journey, it begins when we are born
Mine began in Blackville, of this I do not mourn.

I was born to Greta and Stan, after five boys you see
And if down the road I went, these boys might follow me.

On a typical Friday night, with my friends I’d stroll
Down through the village, down over the hill we’d go.

We might stop at a place, across from St. Raphael’s Church
To Noreen’s Fish ‘n Chips, where on the stools we’d sit.

We’d talk with our friends and maybe eat some fish
It was the very best, you know… so good you had to finish.

Then down the road we’d go and make another stop
At Walter and Mary’s place, where the food was also at the top.

My mind goes to the Hall, which is the Fire Hall today,
Back then where we would go, as a movie they would play.

As a young girl, I recall a movie they would show
Dracula was the name; it was scary to us all.

We’d sit with our coats, pulled up over our heads
Because we were so scared and the walk home after we would dread.

Beside the movie hall was Avis Clark’s lunchroom
I remember it as a special place and her smile welcomed all.

Now my childhood friends have gone to live in faraway places
But I’m sure they sometimes pause and recall memories of this special little place.

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