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By Kiersten Brennan

For my recalling the past interview, I interviewed Lillian Brennan. She was born 1937 in Blackville, New Brunswick. She still lives in Blackville today and she is 74 years of age. In the interview we discussed different experiences in her life, like her school, what she did for fun and what she remembered about war. We also discussed what the biggest change she noticed in society today.

  1. Name: Lillian Loretta Brennan
  2. Birth date: October 3rd, 1937
  3. Where were they born? I was born at the hospital in Miramichi; back then very few people were born in the hospital.
  4. What type of school did you attend? I attended school at a school house in Blackville; they had grades 1 through 12.
  5. Did you like school? What did you like about it? I enjoyed school; I liked learning, the teachers and made friends at school.
  6. What did you do for fun as a child? We had a few schoolyard games such a hopscotch or jumprope.
  7. Were or are you married? Yes, I am married.
  8. Did you have a family? Yes, I had 6 children: Nancy, Norma, Todd, Tommy, Jonathan and Jason.
  9. What can you remember about World War II? I can remember my uncle going to war, and coming home. I also remember the agent coming to tell us when he was hurt. He lost a leg, an arm and an eye.
  10. What is the biggest change you have noticed in our world / society since you were younger? The biggest change I noticed is appliances, such as TVs, computers, and cars. When I was younger, there were only 3 cars in the village

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