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By Austin Pleadwell

Wednesday, February 18, 1922

This morning, my mom yelled at me, like every other morning, to rise and get ready for school. With a big yawn, I sat up in bed and pried my eyes open, all while pulling my trousers up around my waist. I scampered downstairs and inhaled the heavenly scent of freshly made bacon, looking to the stove to see that in fact, there was a pan full of sizzling and popping bacon. Breakfast was simply delicious, as usual, with Mummy being such a good cook…

I quickly reached for my black slate and a fresh piece of chalk, and ran outside to be welcomed into a crisp, cool February morning, with no clouds in sight. I waved goodbye to my parents and three younger siblings who were not yet old enough to go to school. As I was 16, and the oldest, my brother, Michael, who was 12, and my sister, Jane, who was seven, made our way to school. The twins were still only three, and my sister Martha was going to start school this fall. On our way to school we meet up with most of our classmates. After reaching the school house, we all chip in and grab some wood and place it beside the small cast-iron fireplace to keep the room warm all day. When finally reached the long wooden benches the teacher was at the front of the room giving instructions for each grade starting at grade 1 all the way up to 12.

The first subject we started with was mathematics. In grade ten we were learning about volume and surface area of triangles. After math we had a half-hour break where we would have a snack and play a quick game of arm wrestle. After break we went back to the small crowded school room where we would learn about history of different places. After history we had an hour break where we had a lunch and we played many games outside like manhunt and tag. Once we had a full hour of fun we returned to the class room where we had English and learned about different types of writing.

By the time English was over it was three o’clock and it was time to return back home. On the way home my friends and I all got together and socialize. As we reached each person’s house we drop them off and then keep on the journey home.

After returning home my brothers and I went over to the barn and help my father with the chores. The chores consisted of cleaning the horse stalls and also collecting the eggs. Once the chores were completed and all the work in the barn was completed we would all return back to the house where we would enjoy a meal my mother had prepared for the whole family for supper. After supper the whole family got together and talked about our day. When it came that time to go to bed we all washed up and got on our pajamas and listened to a couple of stories my mother and father told. Then the whole family headed off to bed.

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